What to buy for wedding anniversaries

wedding anniversaries

Any long, happy marriage is going to hit many anniversaries, many of which are big, ‘checkpoint’ years. As many people know, each of the big anniversaries has its own gift associated with it, but not many people know what each of those years means. Fear not! We’ve put together a list of the big wedding anniversaries and the perfect present for the happy couple.

The first five years are relatively straightforward. For the first anniversary (paper), how about a nice embossed letter writing set sporting their initials, or a photobook with some of your snaps to remind them of their wedding day? For the second (cotton), some nice bedlinen, and the third (leather), some matching his ‘n’ hers leather-bound diaries or wallets. The fourth anniversary brings fruit or flowers, so a pretty bouquet or a fresh fruit basket are appropriate gifts, and the fifth (wood) could be some carved ornaments or photoframes.

The tenth anniversary should bring a gift of tin or aluminium, which at first glance, sounds like a tricky one to navigate. A tin of soup? The gift to mark the first decade might involve a bit of creativity. How about buying something you know they’ll like and wrapping it in aluminium foil? By the 15th anniversary, things are ramped up a notch with crystal as the material of choice. A crystal vase, decanter or an elegant paperweight can be a good choice here. The 20th is a breeze: with china, an attractive dining set or ornament is the best bet.

The 30th anniversary sees pearls on the menu, so a pearl necklace or earrings can be good for the lady in your life. For a man, a watch with a mother-of-pearl face can be a lovely gift. The 40th wedding anniversary signifies a great achievement and an amazing commitment, and is marked with rubies. Here, only ruby-studded jewellery will do.

The 50th anniversary tends to mark more than half a lifetime married to your better half, so needs something truly exquisite to signify the occasion: gold. An infinity ring, if you haven’t already swapped them, can be a sweet way to remember your commitment to one another, or if not, a piece of stunning gold jewellery is a great gift for your husband or wife.  For the 60th anniversary, yellow diamonds are the ideal gift, which could even be worked into the jewellery given for the 50th anniversary to keep it personal and special.

For those lucky enough to spend 75 years happily married, diamonds and gold are back on the giftlist.  And, just in case it happens (you never know), a modern suggestion for those couples married for 100 years should swap 10K diamonds. Now that really does show a commitment!

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