Capturing Those Firsts: From Weddings To Baby’s First Steps

Nothing is quite as special as those first moments walking down the aisle on your wedding day, or seeing the love of your life walk towards you. These types of things only happen once and that’s why it’s so important to have a photographer you can trust to get in the action while maintaining the natural flow you’ve worked so hard to create for your big day. Those moments are just the beginning of the life you are building together. Later on comes baby’s first steps, first day of school; anniversaries and family trips.

The Simplest of Requirements: Emotional Connection

Before we get into the more technical aspects to what you should look for in a photographer, let’s focus on the basics. No matter how amazing your pictures are going to turn out and no matter how fantastic the price, if you do not have some sort of connection with the person you are looking to hire, all of that means nothing. Finding a professional that is not only going to get the job done right the first go ’round, but also someone who can make you laugh, make you smile and catch those moments that can be gone within an instant is important. Without some form of creativity and personability, a great photographer can quickly be just an ‘okay’ solution. There needs to be an element of trust in the mix, because these big days are once in a lifetime and the decision should not be taken lightly.

Styles that Mesh Wonderfully

One of the first things you should think about before beginning your search for the right photographer to do the job is what type of style you’re going for. Do you want someone who is going to get candid shots where the photographer is simply a part of the crowd and taking photos as events unfold? This is known as documentary style. Artistic style shots are very creative. This is when you allow the photographer to have complete creative control over what aspects or people will have the most focus. While many people find this style to be a bit on the risky side, you can get some pretty great photographs that won’t look anything like other weddings. The unique factor speaks for itself. Of course, we cannot forget to mention traditional shots. These are thoroughly planned by the photographer. You have probably seen such pictures in family albums, where the bride and groom and perfectly centered, showing off their dress and tux. There will be the family shots, photos of the rings and so forth.

When meeting with various photographers throughout your search for the perfect fit, make sure to take your time. Check out their portfolios and get to know them. Ask them why they got into photography, what areas they enjoy most and if they have a certain type of event they like to shoot above anything else. Taking a peak at their previous work should give you a good idea right away whether or not they are the right type of photographer for you. Browse their photos and see if they were able to capture those special moments that you are concerned about most, such as the first kiss and the walk down the aisle.

Of course, talking about pricing is also very important so you can stick within your budget. Look at their website and social networking pages to get an even better feel for their professionalism. Do they have many positive customer reviews? Does it seem as though others would recommend them and were happy with their work? Many popular photographers may literally be booked out a year in advance so when you find someone you like, get on board as quickly as possible. Scrambling at the last minute to find a photographer is never a good idea and could mean settling for less than what you deserve.

No matter what style you choose and who you select to take your photographs, do your best to get lost in the big day. There is so much planning and stress that surrounds weddings, but try not to let that cause the day to turn into a blur. Remember why you’re there and focus on your spouse if everything seems hectic. That should get you through the day and allow you to truly soak it in. Plus, you’ll have many fantastic pictures to look back on and share with your children and your children’s children after it all is said and done.

Author Byline:

Justin Dernshaw is a well known wedding photographer in Toronto. Photography is his passion and teaches it to interested people. He also likes writing about the niche and gives useful advice to budding photographers on his blog.

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