Dream Your Wedding Young and Realize it Mature


There is no doubt that all girls dream about their dream wedding including me. When I was a young girl, I said to my dad that I would like to marry a man like him, strong and handsome, in the church with beautiful flowers around. I would wear the most beautiful wedding dresses to be the most beautiful bride in the world. Then my dad would ask more questions about my wedding. And this scenes often occurred in my childhood.

Sometimes I would also draw pictures about my wedding, usually garden weddings. All I drew that time were a couple, of course “me” and “my husband”, under the sky. “I” was in a white “beautiful” white wedding dress while “he” in black. I am sure that many of us have such amazing dreams.

Now I still think about my future wedding, the place the decorations and, the most important, my wedding dress. As is known to all, the wedding dress can trace its history back to 1406 when Princess Philippa of England wore a white wedding gown for a royal wedding ceremony. White wedding dress especially the lace one becomes a trend after Queen Victoria’s wedding. It has been a long time. So there are more and more choices for brides in modern society, mermaid or A-line, strapless or off-the-shoulder, long or short.


It is really not an easy thing to choose a dream wedding dress for the big day. It is hard for me to choose a long wedding dress or a short one, let alone the fabrics, the silhouettes and all other things. But I really have something in my mind after hundreds or thousands of dreams.


  1. Sweetheart Mermaid Gown



The one that creates the mermaid wedding dress is such a genius. He/She designed a breathtakingly sexy wedding dress and gave it an elegant and vivid name. Mermaid dress is the best choice for tall and slim brides because it can highlight bride’s feminine curves especially the slender waists.

And sweetheart is a great match to mermaid style. Sweetheart makes the brides sexier. What will the bride look like after wearing a sweetheart mermaid wedding gown? Perfect!



  1. A-line Strapless Gown



That’s my dream dress for my imaginary garden wedding. A-line is the most popular silhouette for all brides. Every lady, in any body shapes, looks good in this style. The bodice of the dress can reshape the body shape, showing the bride’s better look.

I choose strapless because I do not want the neckline to cover my collar bones. And it highlights my necklace.

  1. Short/Mini Wedding Gown



Traditionally, brides a long wedding dress. I don’t know why. Maybe it is a tradition that people do not want to change it easily. Or possibly a short wedding dress is not that formal. But I do like short wedding gown because I do not need to care if the bottom of my dress will be dirty or be stepped by myself. But this wedding dress may be just suitable for summer.


These Millybridal wedding dresses are the ones that I have dreamt in my dream. I wish that I can wear them soon. In fact, I have practiced wearing them to approach my bridegroom in my mind for countless times. I am sure that he will be shocked by my bridal look. And this day comes soon. 

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