Flirtology 101: How to Effectively Flirt with A Guy


If you’ve ever been in a position where you meet a cute guy and you really want to get to know them better and flirt a little but, you’re afraid to… Don’t be! All you need to make that guy notice you and want to know you better are these simple flirting tips.


  • Make Eye Contact. Eye contact is very important when you’re flirting. It can be done from across the table or from across the room. Now, you don’t want to stare at him like a creeper, but brief glances that linger for a moment or two is all it takes. Plus, if he makes eye contact with you it can also indicate if he is interested in you. You can add a confident smile or a playful little wink if you’re feeling daring.


  • Smile When You Talk To Him. If you really like the guy, the smile will probably come naturally. Studies have shown that smiling makes you appear more confident, approachable, and happier. All of these things are certain to grab his attention!


  • Touch Him When You Talk. Now we aren’t suggesting grope him, but light touches to his hand or his arm are clear indicators that you’re flirting and that you are willing to break the “personal space bubble.” This will let him know that you’re obviously flirting with him and that you will allow some physical contact. A coy little trick is to stand in front of him, face to face, and fix his shirt—be it his collar or tie. You’ll be able to get in his personal space, touch him, and stare in his eyes all in one flirtatious action. When you’re all done, you can stand back, flash a smile and nod approvingly.


  • Compliment him! Women aren’t the only ones that like compliments. When you pay him a compliment, not only will his ego get a boost, but he’ll feel noticed and appreciated. Just be certain that your compliment is genuine and it isn’t something bland like “you look good” or “you’re hilarious.” Comment on a specific thing that you like about him. If he truly is funny, tell him why you find him funny and why you like that about him.


  • Keep Him Guessing and Wanting More. Even though you may want to talk to him for hours and never leave his side, you don’t want to give too much too soon, pace yourself. Instead of holding a conversation for several hours, in the middle of the conversation make up a reason to leave. Say something like, “I’d really like to finish this conversation, but I have to be somewhere…” or something that will leave the option open to chat again. This will let him know that you want to see him again.


  • Text Smart. It will be very tempting to answer his texts the moment a message comes through. You have to be strong and wait. Leave some messages unanswered. By taking your time to respond back, it’ll let him know that you aren’t waiting around for him; you’re carrying on with your life. But be sure not to let too much time go by! Use your better judgment. If you feel like you’re texting too much, dial it back a little bit. is a worldwide online dating site. For more dating advice and tips, visit

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