Honeymoon Options and Wedding Packages for Newlyweds

It has become a tradition to have an exotic honeymoon after the wedding. It could be scheduled right after the wedding day or a few weeks after, given everyone’s busy schedules nowadays. Most couples choose to have their honeymoon in some Asian countries, or at exotic islands like Hawaii or Maldives. The tropical island theme evokes a calm and laid back vibe, which is perfect for two people who are about to start their lives together.


The setting of the honeymoon should be romantic and seductive. This means that the couple should have more time for themselves than any other thing on the itinerary.

The Advantage of Honeymoon Packages

To make the planning much easier, most couples just opt to get honeymoon packages. For one, it is much cheaper to get a package because everything you’ll even need is already bundled up. For example, Cancun wedding packages come inclusive of airfare, transfers, hotel, food, spa and massage sessions as well a tour of the islands.  This is a lot faster to book rather than checking for the individual components of the trip. Not only is a wedding package less time consuming, you’ll find them to be more cost effective in the end.

Freebies or extras may also be included, like welcome drinks, complimentary breakfast for two, or a souvenir from the islands at the end of your honeymoon.

Another advantage of opting for packages is that you can customize the components if you find that the standard package needs a little boost. For starters, you can extend your trip if you want to spend a longer period of time on your honeymoon. You can also upgrade your flights to business or first class and have a limousine pick you up from the hotel to complete the romantic getaway theme.

If the couple is into massages and spa treatments, arrangements for you can be made in advance for a spa service for you at the resort or spa where you will be staying. Arrangements normally include transfers to and from the hotel and a private driver.

A Romantic Event

Couples can also avail of the honeymoon suite inside the hotel or resort. Normal packages include only average rooms, but if you want to make your stay extra special, this can be done for you A romantic dinner can also be set up. You can have a small table set up at a secluded part of the beach, with a bonfire to complete the atmosphere. You can also request to have your favorite food set up and prepared for this meal. Finally, you can book your favorite activities such as diving or snorkeling, or island hopping.

Honeymoons should be memorable, fun and romantic. Don’t be afraid to make requests to when planning your trip. Events planners like Sarao Wedding Packages will take note of all your requests or special instructions, giving you a hassle-free wedding and honeymoon experience rolled into one.

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