How Can You tell if Your Relationship is on The Road to Ending


As much as we don’t want to admit it, there are signs that your relationship is about to end. Too many times people ignore the signs and they feel blind-sided when they’re on the receiving end of the “Let’s Break Up” talk. Here are some signs that you should notice so that you can brace yourself or try to fix the relationship.


You Get Annoyed Easily by Your Partner


If you’ve begun to notice that the things that you used to love about them in the earlier stages of the relationship are beginning to get under your skin, that’s an early sign of trouble in paradise. These become more noticeable especially if you spend a significant amount of time together. One way you change this is by spending some time away from your partner. It could just be a matter of spending way too much time together. A little breathing room could be exactly what the doctor ordered.


They Don’t Call As Much As They Used To


You used to hear from your partner several times a day, be it by calls or texting. Now as the relationship progresses, you don’t hear from them nearly as often or they don’t respond to you right away like they used to. This could be because they are busy or they simply don’t want to talk. Instead of constantly calling and texting them, take some time from reaching out. If they contact you first, don’t respond right away—wait an hour or so. Give them the illusion that you aren’t waiting by the phone to hear from them; even if you really are.


The Sex Becomes Boring or Non-Existent


Most happy couples have very active sex lives (though there are some relationships where there is no sex and the couple is still equally happy). If your sex life has changed drastically over the course of the relationship, take a moment and analyze the situation. Are there other factors going on in either of your lives that could be effecting the sex, like health related issues, work, family or friend related stressors? If everything else is normal, maybe it is time to try spicing up the sex. Try something new and exciting to keep things interesting.


Your Instincts Are Throwing Up Red Flags


Sometimes, we just get a gut feeling that things are wrong. No matter how much we try to shake the feeling, we just cannot. If your instincts are telling you something is going wrong, you shouldn’t ignore them because very rarely your instincts are wrong. If you simply cannot shake the feeling that your relationship may be in danger of ending, it’s time that you sit your partner down for that talk. Make sure you aren’t confrontational or accuse your partner of anything. Simply tell them how your feeling and ask if they are feeling the same things. If they are feeling the same, you both can have the discussion on where to go from here. By having a mature adult conversation about the status of the relationship, it can prevent a messy break up down the road if you ignore the signs. is a worldwide online dating site. For more dating advice and tips, visit

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