Kennesaw Tuxedo Rental Ideas

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Need tuxedo rental ideas for your upcoming formal event? It always helps to have at least an idea of what you’re looking for before you shop, so if you’re completely stuck, check out a few options to help get those creative juices flowing.


The Classic Black Tux


The classic black suit is always a great option in terms of a tuxedo rental. It’s timeless and conveys a sense of sophistication without trying too hard. Pair it with a cummerbund if desired or skip the option entirely. An ideal look for a traditional wedding, prom or other formal event, especially if the words “black-tie” appear on the invite, you’ll be sure to keep heads turning when you go with this option. Michael Kors and Calvin Klein are just two of the many iconic designers who have designed stunning versions of this tux.


The Three-Piece Suit


Who doesn’t look great in a three-piece suit? Usually considered slightly less formal, this tuxedo rental option works well for an afternoon wedding or any formal event, such as a prom. “Three piece” refers to the pants, jacket and vest, with the latter the same hue as the other pieces or a different color entirely. A colored vest looks amazing when paired with a black, white or gray suit, though opting for the same color throughout is both fluid and chic. Vests are arguably much easier to deal with than cummerbunds, and still provide that sleek look everyone will surely compliment you on.


The White Tux


Another tuxedo rental option is the white suit. Whether going for the white shirt, jacket and pants or you prefer to work the white jacket a la James Bond and other debonair silver screen characters, you’ll definitely make your date or bride smile with this option. Wear a colored vest or tie with this look, such as a white jacket with a deep purple vest and tie. White options also look amazing at destination weddings, such as those on a tropical island or other sandy beach location.


The “Lightweight” Suit


The “lightweight” suit doesn’t refer to someone excessively thin or a person who can’t hold their liquor, rather “lightweight” refers to material! Sweating through a wedding ceremony or prom in a warm location is never fun, so skip the rough wool and instead look for tuxedo rental options made of “luxury wool,” which is much more breathable and comfortable. Linen suits are another option ideal for a beach destination wedding. Channel your inner Don Johnson and go for that Miami Vice look!


The Pin-Striped Look


Pin stripes never go out of style, and with good reason! This elegant look is available in black, gray and most colors, and looks especially good when the pin-striped jacket is of the longer variety. Go a step further if desired and rock the classic ‘40s zoot suit look!


Rental Tips


Remember to talk to your bride or date before you embark on your Kennesaw tuxedo rental search, as it prevents bringing home a suit that in no way matches her dress or works for the event itself. Bringing a trusted family member or friend is also an excellent idea, as he or she can provide honest feedback.


Keep these ideas and tips in mind when browsing tuxedo rental options! Visit Savvi Formalwear near Atlanta to find what you’re looking for.

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