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Everyone loves the sound of the word “party”. The word just brings joy to the soul. Ever since you were a child the thought of going to a party was  the highlight of your day.

But as happy and as fun as most parties are, the organization of it could be stressful. Those in the event planning business, house party business or a party as little as just having friends over could be hectic if you do not have all the necessary equipment to get the party started and rocking.

In the world today, with the help of technology and various businesses, the stress of planning parties gradually reducing.  There are numerous party rentals in Orem, Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Sandy and any small or big city you can think of in Utah. They are here to help lighten your party burden.

Advantages of Party Rentals

Party rentals in Utah can help provide the following:

•Balloon Arrangements. Not everyone is born with the skills to arrange balloons, balloons are definitely something that can beautify our parties to spice up the place a little.

•A popcorn Machine. The popcorn machine is a must have especially when movie watching is on your party agenda.

•Bounce Houses. Bounce houses for those little ones can make a difference in lightening the mood of the party.

•A cotton Candy Machine. The cotton candy machine can do wonders for the young and the old.  You would be surprise how cotton candies can make people happy.

•Tents. An outdoor party definitely deserves a tent, not only will it provide the necessary space for the party, it can also shelter from unexpected bad weather conditions.

How to Avoid Disaster at a Party

A friend of mine was planning a birthday party for her cute five year old son. He was so adorable. Despite the fact that the party was for a five year old, it was so hectic to plan.  She just wanted it to be perfect and something he would truly remember. Anyone can even remember what happened on their 5th birthday.

There was just so much to do.  She was getting really stressed until I came to her rescue with the idea of party rentals. The transition was smooth.  She told them what she wanted and before we could even blink, we had a bounce house and a popcorn machine at the venue. We were so excited.

So the first tip on how to avoid any kind of disaster at a party is getting the right stuff, needed to make the party a memorable one. Failure to plan ahead of time is planning to fail. Avoiding a disaster all comes from effective planning and sticking to the plan.

Another thing that can help you avoid a disaster at your party is to have a check list: here is a list of things that must be on your check list for any kind of party you are planning on having:

  • invitation list,
  • menu,
  • location,
  • activities/ agenda,
  • security
  • and music. The type of music played at any party, either makes or breaks the party.

Planning for unforeseen circumstances, helps a great deal, always have a back up plan, and if you use a party rental company, don’t forget insurance.  It accumulates fast but it helps a great deal at the end of the day if a disaster happens.

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By Gloria Kajo

Gloria Kajo loves writing, she is also an event planner.  She organizes and plans wedding, birthday parties and even beauty pageants. From her experience, Gloria feels party rentals in Utah help make or break any event.


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