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Even in these times of recession, the market in corporate entertainment is booming. Everyone loves a good party and even though budget constraints mean that the days of flying a plane load of clients to New York for the weekend are long gone, there are some really innovative ways of having a product launch or throwing a party to celebrate the success of having hit a target. Location, Location, Location Hotels and function rooms are the first sorts of locations that spring to mind when planning a party and if what you are after is a standard experience where everyone knows exactly what to expect then this sort of location fits the bill perfectly.

However, many other sorts of buildings have started to explore the function market too and many companies are using increasingly innovative places to launch products or have parties. World famous venues such as Edinburgh Castle, the Natural History Museum or HMS Belfast all provide facilities and offer themselves as a location for you to host a party that your guests will never forget. Think about what alternative venues are available in your local area before automatically picking up the phone and calling the local hotel.

Staffing The number of staff that you will need at your event will depend very much on what sort of event you are planning. If it is a straightforward party, the venue will supply all of the catering and waiting staff.For a product launch, it is a straight forward choice between using promotional staff from an agency or to use your own staff instead. Using agency staff has the advantage of them perhaps being more polished and professional. However, when the product is being launched, you may find that they need to be trained if the product or the services that you are offering are technical and therefore need to be discussed and explained in a certain manner.

Catering A party just wouldn’t be the same without great food and whether you opt for canapés, nibbles or a full sit down meal, it is important to start planning your choices early. Come up with some ideas through speaking to friends and colleagues and decide early whether you want a theme for your food to tie in with the overall atmosphere. Good catering firms get booked up quickly; especially during the run up to busy periods such as summer weekend evenings.

Approach a few different firms with your ideas and ask them to put together some quotes so you can compare what is on offer. Some venues may insist that you use their caterers, so factor this in when deciding on a location for the event. Budget Anyone who’s planned a child’s birthday party or wedding knows how easy it is for any event to grow arms and legs and cause the budget to spiral out of control. When planning an event, it is critical to set your budget from the outset and stick to it rigidly.

If you are planning the event using in house staff, make sure everyone is aware of the budget and that there is a proper method for approving costs. If you are using an event organiser or party planner, ensure that the contract states the budget and what the budget will cover. If contracts are unclear, it can lead to misunderstandings such as invoices for promotional staff or decorations being sent to the wrong place. Marketing Opportunities Goody bags are big news in the events world and this can be a way of offsetting the cost by allowing other companies and brands to put marketing material and freebies into goody bags which are given to guests.

There is also the possibility of gathering personal details such as addresses and emails from guests to use at a later date and if you throw a great party, you can guarantee that everyone who attends will be talking about your event for months to come. Frankie Hughes is a writer who believes that by utilising the benefits of promotional staff and great locations, you can successfully promote your business and products to a wide audience. Grasping the interest of your audience is the way to move your business forward to attract new potential customers.

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