How to Plan a Vintage Wedding with a Modern Twist

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One definition of the word vintage in the dictionary is this: “Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.” The last two descriptions encapsulate why many engaged couples want to incorporate a vintage feel to their wedding. They want their special day to live on in the memories of their guests. They want it to have a timeless connotation to it.

Because this particular theme is among the favorites these days, planning a vintage-inspired wedding is not too difficult. However, pulling it off while still maintaining a semblance of modernity can be daunting. Of course, if you were working with an expert wedding planner, nothing is impossible. At any rate, the wedding planner would gamely suggest that you have a modern vintage style wedding. How do you go about it?

Well, this particular wedding theme calls for some serious brainstorming in order for you and the wedding planner to come to an understanding. You could list down details that you think fall under the vintage part of the deal and have a separate list for the modern ones. Have your planner do the same. Afterward, you can compare your lists to find out what should be ticked off and what you need to retain.

The idea of having a modern vintage wedding is to take advantage of certain things from the past and presenting it with a modern flair. For instance, you could choose a vintage style dress for yourself (something like a Victorian style wedding gown would do) and your groom can wear a tuxedo (that’s the best thing about tuxedos, actually; it’s timeless, so it can be worn no matter what the theme of the wedding is). Some couples even go the extra mile by using tangibles that their parents or their grandparents used in their own weddings. This is something beyond the “something borrowed” scope of every wedding.

Couples who have a strong bond with their families even incorporate customs and traditions into their wedding, and these, too, are considered vintage. You can even have the wedding in a vintage wedding venue to complete your idea of a picturesque modern vintage wedding. Even your choice of accessories can show your guests that you are leaning towards a particular wedding theme. A handmade pearl jewelry should do the trick.

Wedding invites printed on letterpress stationery is a clear indication that you are gunning for a modern vintage motif for your special day. Your wedding favors should definitely reflect the theme of the wedding, too.

Lastly, have a florist arrange big bunches of garden roses, peonies, and hydrangea on mismatched vases or receptacles. These centerpieces will certainly help you exude a relaxed, elegant atmosphere at the reception hall, something that underscores the idea behind you modern vintage style wedding.

You don’t have to go all out with the details. Just take the best parts of the old and mix these with the best parts of the new. Before you know it, you would have planned the perfect vintage wedding with a modern take on it. Remember, all it takes is a bit of creativity and a lot of heart to help you plan the perfect wedding.


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