Seychelles Is Now A Top Spot For Honeymoons

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In April 2011, the world got swept up by the royal fairytale wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton. One of the biggest and best-kept secrets of the entire event was where the couple would take their honeymoon. In July it was finally revealed – once they had already left for their holiday – that Seychelles was the chosen destination.

The royal couple chose an exclusive, private island with high-end, luxury villas to ensure that their stay was both special and uninterrupted by the press. Even though there are few images available of their honeymoon and most of the details have been kept a secret, the interest in this beautiful island nation has increased – especially in the UK.

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Property Investments

This peak in interest by holidaymakers and honeymooners makes Seychelles the ideal place in which to invest in holiday property.

  • Island intrigue – This archipelago is a remote collection of 116 islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s so far removed from any other country that it gives visitors a chance to disconnect from the real world. This makes it an ideal place for a getaway, especially for those looking to rejuvenate in paradise.
  • High accommodation demand – With more and more people flocking to Seychelles for a taste of paradise, there has been an extraordinary increase in the demand for places to stay. Not everyone can afford to live like the royal couple and go to an exclusive island, meaning many will be looking for hotels or places to rent in or near the more mainstream islands such as Mahé.
  • A sound investment – Property has always been seen as a solid, long-term investment that will see high returns in terms of value. In the current economic climate, it’s wise to put your money in a brick and mortar investment until things start to pick up again.
  • High-end private estates available – Savvy property developers have taken advantage of the growing interest in the Seychelles archipelago by creating luxury estates. One such development is the reclaimed landmass of Eden Island. It offers investors the opportunity to own property that is secure, exclusive and can be rented out to holidaymakers.

When it comes to property investments, it’s clear that Seychelles has become an ideal location. You’ll be able to rent out your holiday home for immediate returns, especially to affluent travelers who want to explore the beauty of the islands and feel a bit like the royal couple for a while.

The Eden Island marina development is an exclusive estate that offers investors the chance to buy luxury properties in one of the world’s top tourist destinations – Seychelles





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